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 MD to RN (ASN)    84 Quarter Credits | 54 weeks | AS Degree
  • Age Requirements
  • English Language Requirements
  • Conditional Acceptance Procedures
  • High School/Secondary School Documentation
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Foreign Grad Doctors Or Dentists
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Admission Requirements for International Students

Azure College takes great pride in the education we provide to our students. Below are answers to common questions concerning international applicants to the College and our programs.

Azure College International Applicant Definition

International applicants are non-citizens or legal permanent residents (Green Card holder) of the United States. If you are a citizen of another country (and not a U.S. permanent resident) and attend high school in the U.S., you are considered an international applicant.

You must be at least 17 years old on your first day of class. However, you begin the application process up to one year in advance of your planned starting date.

All instruction and services at Azure College are provided in English.

In addition to fulfilling all other admission requirements, applicants whose native language is other than English must demonstrate English-language proficiency by providing evidence of one of the following:

    • Submission of a high school diploma, or post-secondary degree or higher, earned at an institution at which the language of instruction was English*.
    • Submission of a post-secondary transcript verifying completion of 12 semester-credit hours of baccalaureate-level courses (excluding remedial and developmental courses) with at least a C (70 percent) average from an institution at which the language of instruction was English*.
    • Submission of an earned Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of at least 450 on the paper-based TOEFL, 150 on the computer-based TOEFL or 55 on the Internet-based TOEFL**.
    • Submission of an overall band score of at least 4.0 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam**.
    • Submission of an overall score of at least 4.5 on the International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) Academic-Plus exam**.
    • Successful completion of all three levels of the Global Assessment Certificate program.
    • Successful completion of the Comprehensive English Program – Level 5 through the GEOS Language Academy.
    • Successful completion of an approved external Intensive English Program.
    • Submission of documents demonstrating successful completion of an Azure College-recognized advanced-level English as a Second Language (ESL) course.
    • Completion of either of the following, with a grade of B (80 percent) or higher, from a Azure College-recognized post-secondary institution or community college:
      • The equivalent of Azure College’s freshman English composition course.

- OR -

    • Two or more baccalaureate-level English writing or composition courses.
  • Documents verifying at least two years’ service in the U.S. military.
  • Having attained an acceptable score on an Azure College-administered English-language-proficiency exam†.

*Students who submit a transcript from a post-secondary institution (or higher) at which English was the primary language of instruction may submit a letter from the institution’s registrar indicating the language of instruction at the institution was English.

** Applicants not requiring an I-20 who do not meet the minimum score requirement may be admitted. Provided an ESL program is not offered at the chosen location, such applicants, if admitted, must attempt an English course during their first session of enrollment and successfully complete the course by the end of their second session of enrollment.

†International applicants requiring an I-20 may not take the Azure College-administered ESL tests.

Azure College may issue letters of conditional acceptance to applicants who do not meet the program’s general acceptance requirements. Foreign Medical doctors and dentists, International applicants sponsored by their home country are examples of applicants that may seek conditional acceptance.

These applicants generally lack language proficiency test scores (TOEFL/IELTS) and/or standardized admission tests (USMLE, GRE/ GMAT) at the time of application. In order for these applicants to obtain the funding required for them to pursue English language training in the U.S., such as the Intensive English program (IE) at Azure College, they are required to provide a conditional letter of acceptance to their sponsor.

The conditions by which the applicant would attain full admission to the program will be listed in the conditional acceptance letter. If an applicant does not meet the conditions stipulated in the conditional letter, the college has no obligation to formally accept the applicant into the program.Below you will find an outline/timeline for issuing conditional acceptances, followed by an example conditional letter.

The applicant must formally apply for admission at Azure College and pay all fees.Applicant must requests conditional acceptance.

The college will review the applicant’s credentials‐and decide to grant or deny the student request for conditional acceptance.

A DRAFT of the program’s conditional letter should be sent with the credential evaluation request (example letter on next page).

ESL Component at Azure College

The ESL program at Azure College or its partners, allows international students who has not met our Proof of English Language Proficiency the opportunity to be admitted to Azure College. The program consists of four courses of ESL courses moving from a focus on grammatical structure of English to more advanced essay writing skills and reading comprehension skills necessary to succeed in the college environment.

To be admitted, applicants will take the DVUAC admissions test in reading and writing. Students who place Skills Development (SD) or Prerequisite (PR) will be considered admitted to his/her chosen Azure College’s program. Students will be placed into one of the ESL courses based on a separate ESL placement exam taken upon arrival at the Miami campus. Students in the advanced courses are allowed to enroll in some college courses if the pre-requisites are met.

Course Offered

The ESL component offers four courses: Intermediate I and II and Advanced I and II. Courses will be offered on a session based format and broken into two separate courses at each of the two levels: ESL101 and ESL102 for Intermediate I and II and ESL201 and ESL202 for Advanced I and II.

Intermediate ESL I and II (ESL101 and ESL102)

Intermediate ESL includes sophisticated reading selections, an introduction to the organization and development of the multi-paragraph essay, and an introduction to secondary research and preliminary written documentation standards and techniques.

Students are given assignments that incorporate both lower-level and higher-level cognitive skills, reading 1-4-page selections on a variety of topics and answering questions from the literal comprehension to the inference and critical thinking levels. Students are then given opportunities to apply knowledge culled from these readings to the composition of original, multi-paragraph essays, always with the major focus on grammatically correct structures and clear communication of ideas.

Advanced ESL I and II (ESL201 and ESL202)

Advanced ESL continues the developmental approach to academic writing and also covers the organizational skills necessary for research and documented writing. This course goes beyond essay writing and thesis development to include research and library skills for both research writing and the synthesis of the research through oral presentation.

Thus, speaking skills prepare the students for future class work and workplace requirements and essay and research writing.

Additional Fees apply. Please speak to your admission rep for ESL program cost and fees.

If you have completed any of the following tests, submit them to your international admissions advisor and we will evaluate them.

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • and/or CXE

Medical Doctors or Dentists – USMLE, GRE or GMAT

Azure College can administer a proctored admissions test for those students living outside of the US. Please ask your admissions advisor for more information.

Transfer Credits:

An applicant wishing to transfer credit from another postsecondary/baccalaureate institution must provide Azure College with transcripts/mark sheets that are in English. All international education must be evaluated by a NACES approved organization. Additional documentation may be needed such as course description, syllabus, textbooks, etc. If such information is needed, your admissions advisor will communicate this to you.

Demands placed upon our limited college resources make us unable to extend financial assistance to citizens of other countries. All non-permanent citizens are required to submit official documents in English showing proof of funding. International students may be able to borrow through private education loan programs, however, they must apply with a creditworthy co-borrower who is also a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

U.S. Employment Opportunities

There are no guarantees of employment for any graduates regardless of citizenship. Current immigration laws do have an impact on hiring practices.

Application Checklist
International students must submit the following:

  • A completed Azure College international application form
  • A $50 (US) application fee
  • A $4500 (US) tuition deposit fee*
  • Official, Medical Education transcript, evaluated by Josef Silny (translated into English)
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Official Document of financial support demonstrating a minimum of $12,500 (US) in available funds

Once the College receives all the required documents:

  • Foreign Physicians Nursing Program Application Form
  • course-by-course credentials evaluation and Translation
  • English proficiency or proof of USMLE score
  • Tuition Deposit

The applicant will then be interviewed by the Dean of Nursing. Only applicants who have submitted all the required documents will be considered for admission.

Transcript EvaluationAll international transcripts must be evaluated, course-by-course, by World Education Services (WES) or Josef Silny. Evaluations should be sent the Office of Admissions. Registered Nurses may also have their international transcripts evaluated, course-by-course, by Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS).


The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)

I-901 Student and Exchange Visitor Information System

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